Music for City Kids was created to encourage young children to find their own rhythm, experience the joy of song and dance, and explore instruments, movement and books through music.


Music for City Kids has been the backbone of many events across New York City. From the Bowery Babes Easter Egg Hunt to the playgroups at Baby/Mama in Brooklyn, parents love letting Erin charm their children through music.

The Teacher

Erin4 Originally from Tennessee, Erin was raised on bluegrass and the blues. From her earliest memories, she recalls her family members gathered together playing guitars and harmonizing with one another. This early exposure to music helped grow her curiosity for the arts. At age six, she began vocal training at the notorious Kincaid-Gooch Voice Studio. Her love of performing grew so big, she decided to make a career out of it. After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, Erin moved to NYC. She is currently playing the role of Sally Lincoln in the off-broadway show, Honestly Abe the Musical.